Frequently Asked Questions


  • What qualifications does my child need to be eligible for this program?
    Interested students from Information Systems Technology Chapter 74 programs will be eligible to apply.  Your child will need to complete an application packet, which will include a recommendation from her or his current vocational/technical instructor and a recommendation from an academic teacher and a writing sample and will participate in an interview.  Each applicant’s school performance will also be reviewed.  There will be additional requirements, which are a part of the standard Northeastern University application process.
  • How is Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies different from Northeastern University?  
    The College of Professional Studies provides continuing education opportunities as a College within Northeastern University.  It is different in that the College operates on a quarter schedule offering quarter hour credits and not semester credits. Courses are offered in the evening and in an online format with a greater appeal to those who are on a full time work schedule.  The Board of Trustees sets tuition at a lower rate than the day school.  Students who participate in the ECHS program will have access to an on-line grade report for each completed course and the credits from successfully completed courses can be applied to a College of Professional Studies Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology.
  • How much will this cost me? 
    There is no charge to the student or his/her family for the ECHS courses at this time.
  • Who pays for books and tuition?
    Your child’s school will assume responsibility for books and tuition.
  • Is transportation provided?
    Is it from my home or the high school or a designated central location? Who pays for it?  The students in the program will spend some time on the Boston campus of Northeastern University and may attend courses held in other schools involved in this initiative.  The course instruction will be delivered using a combination of on-line and on campus instruction, which will limit the need to travel to other locations.  The school will provide transportation when necessary at no cost to the student.
  • When does this start?
    Students in Information Systems Technology Chapter 74 programs will be eligible to apply to the program in February of their sophomore year of high school and will learn of their acceptance in the spring of that year. The program will begin with an on campus orientation and first course in the series during that summer.  If the child participates fully in all required courses the program will end in the spring of their senior year.
  • When are the classes held?
    The first course will begin in the summer of the first year. Successful students will continue to take one course each term until completion of all six courses by the end of the second year.
  • When does the program end? 
    Most students will participate in the program beginning in the summer before their junior year of high school and will continue until the end of May during their senior year.


  • If my child applies and is accepted into the program, can they change their mind after one term?
    One year?
  • If they change their mind, do they receive credit for their completed work?
    Yes, students will receive credit for each course that has been successfully completed.


  • Will this be a separate grade or part of their shop grade at high school?
    Students who successfully complete Northeastern University courses will receive a grade and credit from the college.  Integration of that credit with a student’s high school requirements will be up to each participating school and should be discussed with the school counselor.  
  • How do I keep track of my child’s/student’s progress?
    Your child will have access to an on-line grade report from Northeastern University at the end of each term.  Your high school will have a person who will be responsible for this program and all of the students enrolled in the program.  This individual will keep you up to date regarding your child’s progress throughout each term.  Of course, you should discuss progress with your child regularly. 
  • What do you mean by a HYBRID course?
    A hybrid course is one that combines an online delivery with face-to-face meetings.  The University requires that over a 12 week term students meet about half the time in face to face meetings and the other half online. 
  • How often will they visit the actual campus?
    Students will come to campus during the summer preceding the start of the school year to participate in an orientation program. Other opportunities will be available to come to campus for various social and academic events as the need arises.
  • Will they be in direct contact with college students as high school juniors and seniors? 
    No.  The high school students will be part of their own cohort for each course. At the very end of the program students may be invited to enroll in a course with other college students.
  • What do you mean by ‘cohort’?
    A cohort is a group of students who remain together for the duration of the program. This provides the opportunity for developing relationships and creates a support network between and among students.
  • How many college credits can be earned and are the credits earned transferrable?
    Students may earn up to eighteen-quarter hours (equivalent to 12 semester hours) over the two-year program.  While credits earned in this program are fully approved undergraduate credits, the transferability of any credits from the University to other colleges is always the decision of the receiving college.
  •  If my child decides to stay at Northeastern University to earn a Bachelor’s  degree:

    Do they have to reapply for admission, like everyone else?
    Yes, students will be required to apply for the degree available to them through the College of Professional Studies.  All credits earned in the ECHS program will be transferable to the degree in Information Technology offered by CPS.  
    Can they be guaranteed housing for the remaining years, or at least the first full two years on campus?
    The College of Professional Studies is a continuing education program where courses are offered in the evening or online. CPS students do not generally select housing on campus. 
    Will the cost of tuition be reduced for them as an incentive to continue at Northeastern/CPS?
    This will be determined as the program progresses.
  • Who at my school assists in the admissions process, or in the decision process?
    There is a Student Support Team for this program established at each school. This Team will assist with all aspects of the program.
  • How often will the students from different high schools get together physically?
    The students will be required to attend the summer orientation session and at least 12 hours of face-to-face sessions for each course.  In addition, other non-course related opportunities might present themselves throughout the duration of the program.
  • How much time will be allotted during the school day/week?
    These courses are in addition to the normal high school course load and face-to-face meetings will take place outside of the school day.  Each school will work with the students in the program to try to find some time in the student’s schedule so he/she can complete some of the online work.
  • Will the courses be held during shop or academic week?
    The schedule for each of the identified six courses will be set in advance.  The college schedule does not align with an alternating week high school   schedule, but classes will be held after school time so it will not impact a student’s high school experience.
  • What kind of supplies will be needed?
    The school will provide normal course supplies such as a textbook, study guide and notebook.  If a student wishes other supplies she or he would need to purchase those items.
  • What will be the class size?
    Up to 30.
  • What is the attendance policy?
    Full attendance and participation is required online and in cohort meetings.
    Are there required specific times?

    Because the courses are offered in a hybrid format students will be required to participate in at least 12 hours of face-to face meetings each term at a time and location to be determined.   In addition, students will complete online requirements in between each of the face-to-face meetings.  Generally, students work independently to complete assignments before the next scheduled face-to-face class.  The meeting schedule is not yet determined.